Top 5 UNESCO Cultural Sites I’m Dying to Visit

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Cultural is defined as “relating to the ideas, customs, and social behavior of a society” according to Merriam-Webster. However, if you actually look it up, you will see there are more parts to that definition. That’s why cultural is so awesome! There is not just one definition that makes up culture. As you have probably read, I’m all about trying to experience culture in my travels wherever I’m at no matter if it is close to home or far away. So here are five UNESCO Cultural Sites that I really want to visit in my travels (I have way too many its ridiculous):


Pyramids of Giza

My love for Egypt started when I was a kid and watched The Mummy (I know, not exactly accurate but it definitely caught my attention). It was the first thing that gave me that love for history and travel. I was always marveled by how the combination of Egyptian mythology influenced architecture, art, and so much more. The pyramids are interesting in of themselves because the amount of work that went into creating them is astounding. They took YEARS to create with only tools from that time, and unfortunately slave work. But just the audacity to build these giant tombs to revere their pharaohs as gods in death is something to be admired for their dedication and architectural skills. They also boasted some of the most important and influential queens in history (Hello Cleopatra, Nefertiti, and Hatshupset…you go girls!).



Oh the mysterious ring of stones in the middle of a field in England. It may sound silly but super interesting! Now no one knows exactly why they are there, but there are plenty of guesses. Could it be religious, scientific, agricultural, who knows, but I sure as hell want to see it. These mysteries of the past are one of the reasons why I love history and travel. I always want to learn more and see what everything has to teach me. Some people may be bored or find it silly, but I geek out to these things and they are important to me and you never know, I may think that too after I see it, but I still want to see it.


Angkor Wat

It is the largest religious monument in the world! And a beautiful one to boot. Hidden in Cambodia it showcases some beautiful craftsmanship and wonders. Angkor Wat was originally constructed in honor of the Hindu god Vishnu and combined two different types of architecture in the temple-mountain and galleried temple. The structure itself is just massive and I could get happily lost in it for hours if they would let me. To walk this temple that has been there since the 12th century, ooooo goosebumps!



My primary reason for wanting to visit Auschwitz is because I believe we should never forget history and how it has influenced our present and our future. It would be an experience I would never forget because it is something to see this site in photos but to actually see it in person would be incredible. I’ll more than likely cry when I am there, just saying, and I never cry in public but if standing outside the World Trade Center when it was a giant hole in the ground indicates anything, yup there will be tears.


Macchu Picchu

Another mysterious place that was hidden away in the mountains in Peru for centuries. I mean seriously, how do these places stay hidden for so long! Can you just imagine the views from this mountaintop of the Andes Mountains. I can’t wait! It was built around 1450 and wasn’t discovered until 1911. The Spanish were never able to loot the city because it was so well hidden even though it was relatively close to the Incan Capital Cusco so when the city was rediscovered there was a great amount of relics left there.


What are some of your top UNESCO cultural sites you want to visit? 


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