Sun, Fun, and Scooters in Goa

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I was all about the beach life for a solid 8-9 days with going from Gokarna to Goa. However, my beaching was going to be going from low key to party town.

I took a train up from Gokarna to Goa. A bus really isn’t an option from Gokarna to Goa, so a train it was. There are two that run every day; one that leaves in the late morning and one that leaves in the late afternoon. However with train travel in India, set departure time is all relative. My train was an hour and a half late, which I was told by many is running early.

Those fans did not work btw

The train that I rode is a called a passenger train. It runs daily and you buy a general ticket and sit wherever there is a spot. Think the New York subway but more seating, hotter, and a wee bit dingier.

I stayed in the hostel Jungle in Vagator, which felt like a jungle with a courtyard, trees, and monkeys climbing everywhere. It is also in the party part of Goa. But if you know me, I am more of a let’s go out to dinner and have some drinks then let’s RAGE!!! So that’s what I did with some new friends.


Euan, Ani, Shane, and I explored the fort in Goa. There were beautiful views of the coastline, but not much left of the actual fort.


We also met two fellow American travelers, Erika and Jasmin, and we hung out for the next few days. We tried to get into the W at Goa, but failed. They said it was free to use the pool and when we got there it was 1,000 rupees. So beach it was.


The best part about Goa were the scooters! You can easily rent scooters in Goa. Nobody asked for an international drivers license, which they did in Gokarna. But you will be stopped by the local cops, so make sure you have your actual drivers license with you. I head about a guy who was stopped and didn’t have his D.I. and the cop asked for 2,000 rupees to not fine him.


We scootered all around the coast and made our way near the capital of Goa, Panjim. I had never driven a scooter and to learn how to do that in Indian traffic, I was quite proud of myself. But I still went slower than the rest because I wasn’t as comfortable and I didn’t want to risk any more injuries, as you saw in my last post. But I still got one anyway, damn scooter muffler burn. And to top that off, I was having severe intestinal issues because of something I ate…

But I enjoyed the sun, the scooters, and especially the amazing new friends I made while visiting the party/beach area of India.

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