September in Review

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Oh September! When did you get here and where did you go? This month was extremely crazy, with Labor Day, a wedding, football, and a short trip to Indiana to see family. I honestly have no idea where September went and cannot believe tomorrow is October. Which means time for me to go on my around the world adventure!! And ironically, I am writing this from my parents’ house about 27 hours before I leave for that trip. And if you forgot, India is first!

So let’s check out what I have been up to this month.

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day this year was actually quite relaxing and a long weekend, probably because I only had a week and a half left of work, but who knows. Besides getting to spend some time with my parents, I also attended one of my good friends from law school’s wedding.

They got married in a small town just outside of Des Moines with only 43 guests! For those out there whose own families are even more than that, I feel ya. It was the smallest wedding I have ever been too, but the most intimate as well. Nicole and Vincent aren’t exactly traditional but the wedding felt like we were a part of their ceremony and celebration instead of just attending. We also totally got our groove on!

Friend love

Football Time

Oh the beauty of September and fall brings football! My family is a sports family and we can tell the time of the year by what sport is on the TV, so when the big game for Iowans came around (Iowa/Iowa State game), my dad was kind enough to give me his ticket so I could attend. And boy was it worth it! My alma mater Iowa State may have lost but they played 20x better than they did last year and it was a beautiful day. I also got to spend some time with family and friends before I left.

Quit my Job!!!

Oh about that. Yup, I gave my three weeks notice at the end of August and my last day was September 13. I had to get in a 2-day CLE (Continuing Legal Education) so I can maintain my license for the next year so that rounded out that week. Giving my notice and having everybody ask about it definitely started to make everything sink in. A shout out to all of my friends at work who are still there and reading this! Miss you guys!

Short Trip to Indiana

I have a brother who lives in Indiana and one of my goals before I left was to see him, my sister-in-law, and two nieces before I left. Thankfully, my parents were willing to take off some time at work and we drove over there for a few days to be with them and other family. It was a pleasant reminder that no matter what is happening, you should take time out to be with family and friends because you don’t know when you will see them again.

While we were there, we got to enjoy some good nieces and aunt times. We played outside, set out Halloween decorations early, and went to the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis. Those two little peanuts are absolutely adorable and I will miss them terribly.

Travel Plans

Ok, so the big thing going on in my life. No big deal, just leaving tomorrow to go travel the world for an unspecified amount of time. I can do this. Right?

Just kidding, there is no second guessing here. There may be the “oh shit” feeling, but no regrets. I texted my best friend last Sunday reminding her that I would be leaving in a week and both of us couldn’t believe how time has flown by. I decided to take this journey all the way back in March and now it’s only one day away. This last week has been a very surreal experience. I’ve been plugging away at getting all of my last minute items, going to doctors, getting a filling put in (ugh), and seeing friends before I leave. I can’t say this experience hasn’t been stressful or has felt slightly overwhelming, but I have taken my friend’s advice and am taking it one day at a time.

Everyone keeps asking how I am feeling and am I nervous, and I just tell them I am numb, in a good way. I am straddling the line of “oh my god I am so excited” and “oh my god I am so nervous.” It’s a good place to be, if not calming. My best friend gave the best the advice and I am reminding myself to follow it everyday…don’t have any expectations, but just take the day as it comes. I was asked earlier this week on what I am looking forward to the most and for me its waking up each day without knowing what is going to happen or who I am going to meet and enjoying that uncertainty to its fullest.


So…I leave in approximately 27 hours and am almost all the way packed. Side note, when only taking a backpack and carry on, you learn how to be very minimalistic. But hopefully I will be writing about all the items I have taken with me and putting them in my Travel Resources section soon. The next time you will hear from me it will be from another country half way across the world, wish me luck!

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  1. Chris,
    By now you would have been there a week. I just want to say you are so brave and I am so excited for you. I wish you the very best on this adventure and can’t wait to hear about your experiences. Be safe in your travels and have fun.

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