Maia 2017 in Review

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The 5th month of 2017, Taurus’s time, whatever you want to call it, it has come to an end and boy was it a busy one! I don’t think my first free weekend was until Memorial Day Weekend and that was at the end. But May is usually like that for me, whether it was softball or graduation or something, May always seems to fly by and this year was no exception.

When writing this I actually had to go back and look at my social media posts to see what I all did and when because it was that busy that I just couldn’t keep track. Which in retrospect, makes me think I will start keeping an actual journal of everything I do. I mean, I keep lists and my blog, but I have never been one to write things down in a journal for later. But considering I will be sharing my stories going forward, it is a practice I think I will start picking up and keeping on top of. I don’t want to forget anything that will happen in the months and years to come.

Here a just a few things that I did in the beautiful month of May:


Farmers’ Market

This is one of my favorite things to do in the warmer months in Des Moines. The Farmers’ Market is held every Saturday from May to October with local vendors selling fresh produce, cheese, crafts, and more. There are also local businesses that have stands at the market such as Java Joes, Le Mie, and many local ethnic restaurants. I go at least 5-6 times a summer or more depending on how I feel. I love eating local food and supporting local vendors.

Breakfast of champions

Post shopping mimosa


Post shopping bloody mary


View from up top
Prime real estate

And one of my absolute favorite things there are all of the DOGS!! Oh the feels! I am a huge dog lover and since I don’t have of my own, I get my dog fix by going to the market.


Mother’s Day

As many know, my mom is my hero. She is the strongest person I know and downright the best damn cook too. Considering I don’t know where I will be next Mother’s Day we made sure to have a good one. We went on a 4-mile walk around Grey’s Lake in Des Moines, got some shopping done, did the obligatory flower shopping, and enjoyed the great weather. Just getting to spend time with her doing things that we enjoy doing together and always getting some laughs in there. Literally, there is not a time when we don’t find something stupid or random to laugh at when we are together. (Hey Mom, you’re going the wrong way on the roundabout ♥).

Kocham cię

Oh! And I got her these for Mother’s Day. She said they were perfect. 🙂


My Birthday

Yup, number 27! It doesn’t really feel different than 26 by the way, if you were wondering. I was born on the lovely day of May 16. It was a Tuesday and as everyone knows, when your birthday is on a weekday, it’s not as special. But my parents took me out the Friday before at my favorite restaurant Centro.

I did however get to enjoy it the following weekend. One of my good friends came up from St. Louis to visit a few of us and we were able to get some celebration in. We went to a new bar, revisited a couple of favorites (The Cheese Shop), saw some baseball (whoot whoot), and had an overall good weekend.


Memorial Day Weekend

I actually didn’t do too much that weekend. Which was nice because I was able to enjoy some family time and some personal time. I crossed something off my bucket list that weekend too. I went to a movie by myself. It may not seem like much to some people but hey, I wanted to see a movie and most people were busy so I said “I’m a capable adult, I’m going to go.”


Blogging/Travel Planning

Oh the preparation continues! Whether it be research on what to pack, where I will stay, places to see, blogging, you name it I have started researching and collecting ALL the data. I bought a whole another notebook just to keep track of everything. Sometimes I feel like when I cross something off, I just add three more things! But the ball is picking up some speed now, 4 months left!


…See I told you, busy.

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