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Welcome to my India Wrap-Up! I wanted to share some of my final thoughts on India and the best and little less than great memories of India. It’s kinda fitting that I am finally getting to this when I am heading back towards that direction. Got to love the Doha airport at 8:30 at night on your way to Sri Lanka. 

My route

Best Memories


Gokarna didn’t start out so well as you may remember, but by the end it was a perfect 3 days. Not only was Gokarna one of my favorite spots but the people I met there have become good friends too. I wouldn’t trade those few days even if I could get rid of the scars I got from that damn drainage hole. 


Probably my favorite landscape in all of India. The entire area looks like it should be stuck in the Jurassic Period. The chill vibes of the place and the welcoming people made Hampi unforgettable.


I know this is a big area but all of Rajasthan is amazing. You go from the forts, to the landscapes, to the architecture; Rajasthan has its own story to tell and I loved every part of it. The Mughal architecture of Rajasthan was probably what captured me the most during my 2 1/2 weeks there.

Little Less than Great Memories

Crowds During the Camel Fair

As you remember I didn’t have the best time in Pushkar unfortunately. The crowds and the unwanted touching began to weigh me down. It is quite frustrating when someone pinches your butt and you want to slap them but when you turn around there are 50 people there so you don’t know who to yell at. 


This was something I knew was going to happen and I expected it. You do learn to deal with it and ignore it, but it can be annoying when you are trying to do some touristy things and you keep getting hassled by kids, couples, and people wanting you to hold your children.


It’s there. There is nothing you can do about it and it sucks. It took 2 weeks for it to start affecting me and I never really got rid of it until 7 days after I left India.

Final Thoughts

Since I have been in India, everyone keeps asking me how was India. Many assume that India is the hardest place in the world to travel, and sometimes they are right. I always say that since I travelled (and drove) in India, I can do it anywhere.

India challenged me on many different levels. It tested my patience, taught me to not get flustered, showed how lucky I am for how I grew up, and that sometimes you cannot change a place by yourself.

The biggest yodaism India taught me was to not get flustered by the small stuff and remain calm. There were many times that my bus was delayed, couldn’t find a tuk tuk, or was constantly being asked for a selfie that I had to remind myself to stay calm. It was not always easy, but I knew if I stressed out it would not help my situation.

I have no regrets about going to India. India assaulted all of my senses whether it be the colors, smells, or sounds (the horns, ugh). But traveling through this vast country, I not only learned about a place but about the people as well. The people in India are varied and value their culture. They are also kind and are quite helpful when they see a few wandering tourists.

Finally, India taught me that it is not always the place but the people. I have had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people on my travels. I have stayed in contact with many and not as well with others. However, each will stay with me and have taught me many lessons. I am currently using quite a few of them to help me with my travels back to Southeast Asia.

So if you ever find yourself in India, remember…don’t drink the water, enjoy the landscape and culture, and make a few friends while you are there.

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