Dubai: Best Friend, Thanksgiving, and Malls!

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After I left India, I headed straight to my best friend Tess in Dubai. She has been living there for 4 years now and since I was in her neck of the woods, I thought I would drop by. I spent 10 days there with her (WAY more than you actually need in Dubai), but here is what we did.

Day 1/2

I arrived late into Dubai and she took me out for my first real burger in over six weeks!!!

The first full day we visited the Dubai Mall. The Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the world. It has an aquarium, all the fanciest shops you could imagine, and even Caribou! It was first experience with the opulence that is Dubai. Everything is shiny and new and sparkly…and fake. Also, there is a mall on every corner in Dubai, literally. 

I did get to see the Burj Khalifa and see the fountain show that they have there as well. Think the Bellagio fountains but the performance isn’t as long.  

Day 3

We went to a restaurant where I had one of the best meals ever. It was a traditional Middle Eastern breakfast and I had the best fruit and muesli a girl could ask for.

After breakfast we headed out to Old Dubai. This is where the souqs (markets) were and the older part of the city. You could wander forever amongst the clothing, silver, gold, or spice souqs.

For dinner, Tess and I made pierogies! This was the first time we made them together and I even found a new recipe for a meat one.

Day 4

Tess had to work. So I also got to work on my blogging and planning the rest of my trip.

Day 5

I worked a little bit again and found a cute coffee shop with some Christmas action. I also explored the area around Tess’s work.

Day 6

While Tess worked, I explored the Dubai Marina and beach area. Tess let me use her pass on the tram. There are only 2 trams in Dubai and not a lot of other public transportation. If you want to get anywhere in Dubai, you will have to drive.

I walked all around the marina and got to get some beach time in as well.

We also went out that night since every night in Dubai is ladies night somewhere.

Day 7

Thanksgiving!!! Tess and I tried to cook the closest Thanksgiving dinner we could considering we were in Dubai. I cooked a turkey for the first time by myself, it was a little dry but not inedible. We also made green bean casserole, stuffing, Brussels sprouts, and cranberry sauce.

We didn’t get any football in, but we did watch the claymation Rudolph to get us in the spirit.

Day 8

Tess and I made the trip to Abu Dhabi considering it is only an hour away. We spent a good few hours at a public beach. I was excited about that because I wasn’t able to lay out in India at all because of my injuries.

After we were done with the beach, we visited the largest mosque in the UAE, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. Like before in India, I am still amazed by the beautiful architecture that hales from the Middle East.

Day 9

We went out to the smallest emirate Ajman. We stayed the afternoon at a ghetto resort where we took a boat tour around the the bay by the resort. We saw some stray cats, Tess dunked herself in the water, and we enjoyed tikka and chicha by the waterside.

Day 10

Unfortunately, I had to leave quite early in the morning, as in 5 AM. Tess wasn’t too happy about waking up at 2:15 to get me to the airport, but what are best friends for 🙂 . So this day doesn’t really count. 

To answer any questions about Dubai…no, I wouldn’t go back unless it was to experience a resort, and yes it was worth it because I got to spend some time with my best friend.

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