Des Moines: So Much More than Cornfields

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Oh the great City of Des Moines!! Yes, you heard correctly. This is my hometown, stomping grounds, my comfort zone and it is has so much more than corn fields.

When people learn I am from Iowa they always ask, “What do you do there?” Well we sit around on our tractors all day, chewing on straw, and roasting a hog. No! We do everything anyone else does (well we do roast hogs, we are the No. 1 pork producer).

Des Moines is one of the fastest growing cities in the Midwest, folks!

We have malls, tons of upscale bars, art centers, parks, a strong ethnic food scene, and so much more. The city has grown over the past 25 years because of the strong financial sector presence in the city. Two profile companies have their headquarters in Des Moines, Meredith Corp and Principal Financial. Additionally, the downtown area has gone under a revival in the past 15 years with bringing in new restaurants and updating the East Village (east side of downtown Des Moines).Des Moines is separated by two rivers, the Des Moines River and the Raccoon River.

Also, the food scene in Des Moines is expanding. There are all types of restaurants that have been brought into Des Moines recently or have been here for awhile. So if you have a hankering for Mexican, Italian, BBQ, Vietnamese, or asian fusion pizza, we got it!

We also have the prettiest capitol building in the country, but I’m biased. That’s real gold up on that dome kids!

The city provides so many different possibilities for visitors during the year, especially during the summer. We have the Triple AAA affiliate (Iowa Cubs) for the Chicago Cubs and the experience is extremely affordable and fun for all ages. I’ve grown up going there. The Farmers Market that takes place in the downtown streets of Des Moines is always a good time to get local food, crafts, and all of the puppies! And during the middle of the summer there is the Des Moines Arts Festival that brings in artists from all over and takes place in multiple parts of the city for a weekend. It is an opportunity to experience well-known artists along with up and coming ones as well as eating all types of local food.

I love my hometown and what it provides. I have lived here for nearly 27 years and I am still discovering new things to do all the time. The city and the State of Iowa have made an effort to showcase the beauty and opportunities this state has to provide and like Shoeless Joe Jackson and Ray Kinsella pointed out in Field of Dreams:

“Is this heaven?”

“No, it’s Iowa.”

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