Bucket List Dreams Part 1

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I follow an amazing blogger named Annette at BucketListJourney and her blog and story has definitely inspired me. She counts her journeys by crossing off items on her bucket list and not letting fear keep her from completing her bucket lists. So that inspired me start a series of my bucket list. Here are 10 of many hopes, wishes, dreams I want to cross off my bucket list (some are big, small, or quirky) and in no particular order:


Go to India

I have wanted to go to India for a very, very long time! I want to see the Taj Mahal, go to Goa, run around Mumbai, and so much more. The culture, the people, and the history have always intrigued me and that’s why it is my first stop on my wanderings starting in October. The experience and opportunity to  learn more about the people and the culture will be amazing.


Go skydiving

Ha! Some people may think I am crazy, but I really want to go skydiving. And oddly enough I feel safer skydiving than bungee jumping. It’s the closest I will get to actually being able to fly, a wandering feather here. Also the possibility of the snap of the cord hurting something brings me back to too many sports injuries, yikes!


See an elephant

Yes, I have never seen an elephant in real life (or at least that I can remember, not too many roaming around central Iowa). But they are one of my favorite animals because they are (a) matriarchal and that doesn’t happen too often; (b) their journeys across harsh land with only their memory to guide them is incredible; and (c) they’re just so frickin beautiful and regal!


Visit the Pyramids of Giza

I am a history buff at heart. So naturally, I would want to see one of the greatest cultural sites in the world. Egypt holds a special place in my heart because it was what got me interested in history and culture. Also, I have already seen two of the most important cultural sites in the world in Greece and Rome and if I were to go to Egypt it would just make my life, and I would probably cry too like I did in Greece.


Become fluent in a language

Now I took four and a half years of Spanish, but I’m not REALLY even close to being fluent in it. I could probably get myself around (ask for the bathroom, water, etc.) but that’s about it. It’s definitely a goal to be comfortable in understanding a language and be able to communicate more easily in a country. (I can kinda understand ancient Greek letters and sound out those words but I couldn’t tell you what they mean, thank you sorority life!)


Visit New Orleans

New Orleans is in my Top 5 places I want to see in the US. I have always been fascinated by the combination of all of those different cultures in one city and how they influence culture, food, music, art, etc. And I really want to eat all the food while I am there, we’re talking food coma time!


Tour the temples in Bali

Bali is known for their beaches (and I will check those out too while I am there) but they also boast some amazing temples. Architecture is a love of mine and the symbolism that is put in the way temples are constructed has always piqued my interest.


Visit Hobbiton in New Zealand

As you know I am a huge Lord of the Rings nerd! I mean just check out my favorite quote and seeing as how they have Hobbiton there from the production of the films, why not! There’s Hobbiton, what else needs to be said!


Eat pierogies in Poland

I am half Polish on my mother’s side and pierogies are a staple in Polish cuisine. When we make them they don’t even reach the plate before they are eaten. To eat these in Poland would be an experience and a way to compare ours to theirs. My mom said she would come with me so that makes it even for desirable.


Learn the tango/salsa/pasodoble

I love to dance. I have no professional training but I just let the music take me (my friends say once my shoulders start moving they know I like a song or dance). However, I do have a hard time with partner dances because I like to lead but I would really love to learn how to dance these because they are some of my favorites.


Here’s just a taste but trust me there’s more to come so stay tuned!

What are some of your things on your bucket list you would like to check off?

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