5 Budget Friendly Things to do in Mumbai

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Mumbai was my first stop on my around the world journey. The first thing you realize is that it’s an assault on all senses. Smell, taste, sight, touch, and definitely sound (must be ready for the car horns). With a population of around 18.4 million people, it’s fair to say there were quite a few […]

September in Review

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Oh September! When did you get here and where did you go? This month was extremely crazy, with Labor Day, a wedding, football, and a short trip to Indiana to see family. I honestly have no idea where September went and cannot believe tomorrow is October. Which means time for me to go on my […]

August in Review

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I know this is a few days late, but with moving and the Labor Day Weekend, I’ve been a bit busy. August has been a very busy month with moving out of my apartment to my parents’ house until I leave and trying to start finalizing my trip.   Where I Am at: My parents’ […]