August in Review

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I know this is a few days late, but with moving and the Labor Day Weekend, I’ve been a bit busy. August has been a very busy month with moving out of my apartment to my parents’ house until I leave and trying to start finalizing my trip.


Where I Am at:

My parents’ dining room table in Granger, Iowa.


What Have I Been Up to this Month:

Best Friend Weekend

My best friend (Tess) in the world, sister from another mister, was in the states the end of July through the beginning of August. She currently lives in Dubai and we hadn’t seen each other since last July, so it was a well-deserved weekend together. We spent the whole weekend together hitting up our local favorites and anything she wanted to do since she hasn’t been here in a while.

Flowers at the Des Moines Farmers Market


Iowa State Fair


I was able to go to the state fair this year! It has been since high school since I have been there and I needed to hit it up before I left. Luckily, one of my best friends was willing to go with me and explore the animal barns, 4-H projects, and the food. And if you are wondering, we did have the obligatory corn dog and lemonade at the fair. I mean how can you not! You can read all about our afternoon there in my post here.


Moved Out of My Apartment

I moved out of my first apartment back to my parents’ house for the month before I leave. They were kind enough to let me stay with them until I leave at the beginning of October so I don’t have to pay rent for a month! That money was spent on other important things (backpack, travel insurance, CLE).

Going through this moving process reminded me of how much stuff you can live without. I sold all of my large furniture besides a couple of things. Even though I spent forever trying to find these items (I’m kinda picky), I realized that some of these material things don’t actually mean anything. I’ve always had a lesser connection to items, but it was a good reminder. I’m taking that mentality with me as I’ll only have a 55L backpack with me for the next x amount of months.



I had a piece published on SheKnows about what I believe it means to be a woman in 2017. I was extremely excited and proud to write this because it highlights some of the reasons why I have decided to follow my dream and not stay in a box and be a one-dimension person.



I have had a harder time the past couple of weeks of sitting down and working, whether it is on my blog or trying to find remote writing opportunities. I’m dealing with a self-imposed writer’s block apparently. It mostly stems from my actual day job (7 days left!) where I have to stare at a computer for 8 hours a day and that I have started to develop a nervous energy which is causing me to not want to sit down. I’m hoping after I have my last day, I will be able to sit down and crank out some work.

Oh! And an unexpected payment that I was not looking planning for (thank you car dent).


Update on Preparations

August was about getting some medium-level things out of the way. Move out of apartment, buy traveler insurance, register for CLE, buy backpack, etc. Things that I needed to get done but was waiting until I got closer to leaving. Also, I got my Indian visa. I got the actual paper one because I was going to be there for over 60 days. You have to use Cox and King, but it was quite a smooth process for me. I’m going to write a post about how what I had to go through to get it. Additionally, I started narrowing down other purchases that I need to make in September before I leave. I am a planner at heart, so I tend to do a lot of looking before I actually make a purchase. I don’t like to waste money :).

Gave my three-weeks notice into work, which worked out well. Everybody was excited for me, but talking to them definitely has made everything start to sink in. I would say I am more nervous-excited right now then nervous-scared. I still have 27 days for that. But the realities of it are starting to hit at home, but I’m taking them in stride.


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