Hello There and Welcome!! I’m glad you decided to wander with me.

Here’s a little more about me and why I decided to create a travel blog, quit my job, and travel the world. I know, I know…it seems like a crazy idea but let me tell you a little bit about myself and you may understand why I chose to be a wandering feather.


Must Knows About Me..the Wandering Feather

First thing to know about me is my first love is history and culture. I watched The Mummy (even though the mummy scared me) when I was 9 and I knew immediately I wanted to be an archaeologist. Seeing the world and experiencing those different cultures makes me totally have  a nerd freak out.

Second thing to know is I’m a total nerd. Nerd for culture, nerd for sports, nerd for travel, etc. I will totally have geek out moments if I was stuck in Rome or Cairo for a day, if you can imagine me just standing there looking at the pyramids in Giza with my mouth hanging open, yup…I’m that kid.

Third thing is that I like a lot of different things and don’t like to be put into a box, hence my varied past in education and likes.

The start of my journey

I went to Iowa State University with the desire to study archaeology and history. I wanted to be out there being Indiana Jones (but not really because archaeology is nothing like the whip-wielding archaeologist the movies describe). It is a lot less than glamorous. But while I was there I wanted to be involved with different things, because as you will see, I’m all over the hobby spectrum. So that’s why I joined a sorority. Quite possibly one of the best decisions I have made because I learned so many life lessons, including how to make small talk (seriously, I could make small talk with wall).



And like me, my friends are a varied bunch as well. We had engineers, teachers, designers, scientists, you name it, we had it. But about halfway through college I realized being an archaeologist wasn’t exactly what I wanted and I found my next step when I studied abroad in Greece for the summer of 2010.

The one that gave me the travel bug

I spent 5 weeks in Thessaloniki, Greece (northern Greece). That experience alone fully ignited my desire to travel and experience the cultures of the world. I was able to live in a culture and experience the normal day experiences that locals do. Also, I had some of the best bolognese ever in Greece (noodle lover here). I was able to explore a country at 20 and I have never been so appreciative of the opportunity. But above everything else, I grew up during that time and learned how to be independent. It was during this time I decided that I was going to apply to law school. Yes, law school. It may seem out of way left field, but I decided to use my appreciation for art and culture in the legal sense, so I went to law school.

Further Endeavors 

Flag football with the law school

I went to Drake University Law School for three years and focused on intellectual property. I grew up a great deal in those three years and learned how much stress I can put myself through and still succeed. Trust me, it was the hardest three years of my life and I would never, ever, ever do it again. I graduated and headed straight into studying for the bar. Those twoish months were the worst of my life. Studying 8-12 hours a day, balls! Straining your brain to its max and a whole lot of pop to get me through, but I did it!!! I passed! Hallelujah!

After I passed, I tried to find a job. And let me tell you, that was not as easy as you think. In the legal world, like others, it is who you know and I didn’t have anyone that close to me that practiced law and I had a very varied legal background so I took a job as a legal assistant in a large Iowa firm to gain experience. But after nearly a year and a half and not finding another job and sitting all day every day, I decided I was going to take a leap. I decided that I was going to do something that made me happy.

The big decision

I’m 27, not tied down to anyone, and have been saving money. It was going to be now or never. But first I had to tell my parents, yikes! Ironically, they were very supportive and needn’t have worried (I mean there were stomach aches with how nervous I was). They did have a lot of questions though, where will you stay, how will you pay bills, will you have enough money, safety? All of these I would have to answer and work on. But I knew that this was the right path for me. Even my mom said so after she saw me staring at a painting of Venice and said you need to go, now!

All of these experiences showed me and made me realize that I am totally not the person who can just sit at a desk all day. I need adventure and excitement and I want to see the world. I am going to be a solo, female traveler. Which in of itself scares me shitless, but also excites me all to hell! I wanted to do this also because my family went through a great deal of tragedy a few years ago and in a sad way reminded me that you have to take the chances when you have them and to jump even if you are unsure if there will be something there to catch you. So I am taking that leap.

And now!

My travels will be varied, like myself. I plan on trying to save money where I can, spend it when I can, and experience the cultures I encounter wholeheartedly. I will be sharing all of my experiences of becoming a travel blogger and the journeys I will be heading out along with sharing information about my hometown of Des Moines. There will be tidbits and yodaisms (quotes applicable to travel and life) that I learn along the way. So come along and wander with me!

But here is your first yodaism…don’t just read about, make the jump yourself too!


“Not all those who wander are lost” — J.R.R. Tolkein