5 Top Things to do in Udaipur, India’s Venice

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Udaipur was my final “new city” in India. Camel Toe headed there for a few days before we all went our different ways. I was going to be heading off to Mumbai and then Pune to see friends.

Udaipur is what many call India’s Venice. Udaipur sits right on Lake Pichola with mountains surrounding it. The city has a very European feel to it, but is also still very Indian. Everywhere you go in the city offers an amazing view of the lake, the beautiful City Palace, and hotels surrounding the lakeside.

They have the alcohol behind bars

Silver Shopping

Probably the number one thing to do in Udaipur. Udaipur and all of Rajasthan is know for its very affordable silver markets. However, Udaipur and Pushkar stand apart. There were silver shops on every corner along with cloth, shoe, and trinket stores.

The silver shops here sell 92.5% silver pieces for $5-20. Some of the stores were more expensive than others, so I recommend shopping around. You can always come back to them, if you remember where the store was at.

I was on the hunt for a pendant for my mom and wasn’t finding anything the first 2 days we there. I am a picky shopper and if it is not exactly what I am looking for, I won’t buy it. It was literally a half an hour before I left for my flight that I found exactly what I wanted at the store right across from the hostel…face palm.

Sunset Boat Ride

We took the sunset boat ride through the hostel for 300 rupees. You could probably find something cheaper or bargained it down, but we didn’t really know what we were getting into.

The boat ride took us just out into the lake and around the Taj Lake Palace ($720 a night!) and other islands in the lake. It is a great way to see the sunset and the city at night.

Yoga Session

I am not a yogi. One of my best friends is, but I have never gotten into it. But I was willing to try a class, especially in the country where yoga was created.

Our yoga class was with Prakesh. He was definitely a man fully living the yogi life. He said all he ate was fruit and vegetables and drank an excessive amount of water. (The class is free but donations are highly recommended)

For someone who had never done yoga, I was hoping he would go easy on us, but nope. We went into full tilt yoga. I bent and folded my body into positions that stretched my muscles and ones that turned me into a pretzel. After going through the class, it did make me think I should try it back home to help with my flexibility and sore muscles. 

City Palace

Lauren and I made a quick visit to the palace. If you have the time and money, I would recommend actually going into the palace. We just walked around the courtyard and got to see the views of Udaipur from there for 30 rupees.

They do have a really nice cafe that serves alcohol!!! It’s adorable and I know the girls went the next day for a girls night.

Lakeview Dinners

If you throw a stone in Udaipur you will hit 20 rooftop restaurants with a view of the lake. All you have to do is pick the type of food, price, and location.

We tried a couple of ones, but we kept coming back to the Little Prince. The restaurant butted up right next to the tributary into the lake. The people there were extremely nice and the food was great!

P.S. Definitely try Pap’s Juice for the best muesli and the Cafe Grasswood for the best blended coffees.

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