10 Foods I am Dying to Try on My Travels

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I am a huge foodie! I love food, no bones about it., even though my mom and friends would say I am picky. But I’m really not, I am just specific about things.

However, I have the unfortunate problem of my mom being an amazing cook (I know, I know, poor baby), so nothing tastes as good as hers. But I am willing to try things. Point, as I have gotten older, my palette has also grown. I used to swear off mushrooms but now I am eating them regularly. I even found out I enjoy sushi, that was a shocker to me because I generally stay clear of fish. (I’ll probably have to get over that because many of the places I want to see have amazing seafood).

But as Andrew Zimmern on Bizarre Foods always says, food can teach you about the culture it is a part of and since I am all about learning more about culture, I’d say food is a good place as any to start. My stomach will have no complaints (it may if I’m not careful of what I eat and where, hello Delhi belly).

My Food Dreams:

  1. Halwa: are sweet confections served in the Middle East, South Asia and many other places. They can either be flour-based or nut-butter based. (depending on your texture choice).
  2. Fish and chips in London: I mean come on, how could you not.
  3. Pierogies in Poland: This is a must! Half-Polack here. Also, pierogies are one of my absolutely favorite things in the entire world to eat!
  4. Macarons in Paris: They are those cute little sandwich looking pastries that you can find all over France, Italy, and many other places. They come in a variety of colors but are usually filled with meringue.
  5. Croque monsieur: Ham, cheese, sandwich, steemed…yum!
  6. Clam chowder in Boston: If I’m going to try clam chowder for the first time, it’s going to be in Boston. Like I said above, I generally stay away from the animals of the sea (except crab and lobster) but I am trying to expand my palate and try new things.
  7. Street food in Japan: I have heard many good things about street food in Tokyo.
  8. Dungeons crab in Seattle: Andrew Zimmern’s travels there speak volumes.
  9. Authentic Italian pizza: There are many places in the U.S. where I have had Italian-style pizza but I would love to actually eat it in one of their restaurants in traditional Italian style.
  10. Pad thai in Thailand: Besides spaghetti and tzatziki, pad thai is one of my favorite foods. Thailand better watch out for how much pad thai I will eat!

2 thoughts on “10 Foods I am Dying to Try on My Travels

    1. No I haven’t, but I’m sure I will try something while I am there! I’m too much of a foodie not to try things. When I go to Greece, I’m excited to have authentic gyros again. The ones in the U.S. just can’t compare. I’ve never had poutine, but I can add that to my food bucket list.

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